Local Abstract Mentoring Program

// Community Access & Engagement, Scientific Leadership, Steering Committee
Monday, December 2, 2019

The AIDS 2020 Local Abstract Mentoring Program (AIDS 2020 L-AMP) is a service offered by the AIDS 2020 Local Planning Group consisting of free interactive mentoring for local organizations and individuals who wish to submit an abstract and present their work at the conference.

Local professionals will be paired with local volunteer academic partners to help raise the voices and experiences of our community at the conference.

Accepted applicants will be paired with a local researcher and will receive free consultation, guidance, and abstract drafting tips for the opportunity to showcase your work on an international stage. Collaborate with other researchers for joint submittals. Engage in mutual learning with researcher collaborators.

Apply for the program by sending an email to: AIDS2020.LocalAMP@gmail.com
by Friday, December 6th.  The L-AMP is open to all Bay Area organizations, CBOs, NGOs, government and/or clinic partners.

The Local Planning Group Steering Committee, Scientific Engagement Working Group, and the Community Access and Engagement Working Group.

Questions? Contact the L-AMP program OR APPLY by emailing AIDS2020.LocalAMP@gmail.com